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Afrolicious Mumma

Second Monday of every month 18:00 - 20:00

I'm Simone aka the Afrolicious Mumma. A Podcaster a radio presenter that discusses life laughter love social issues activism and healing immersed in music I experienced challenging life circumstances where I was cured through music mind body and soulfully and developed an understanding that my wellbeing suffered being disconnected from my music. a Music Mad Mum & Well-being and mental health programme coordinator. Owner of Ravecuperation, a luxury holistic house event brand with an Amapiano afro soulful disco house vibe. I specialise in meditation and sound therapy. A sound bath bathes you in sound frequency and vibrations to harmonise/tune your human electromagnetic field aka your vibration/aura We all started the same immersed in love and sound we all started with a beat..