CH 1

The Sound of Winyl [London] - 11:00 - 13:00

CH 2

Sketch w/ Barren Sector [London] - 11:00 - 13:00


Anti Traxx

First Wednesday of every month 5pm-7pm

For the culture, not the fame!

Multi-genre Sound designer playing 100% original sets from Anti or friends.(Unless stated otherwise). You cant hear this anywhere else. Anti's work ethic is unrivalled with a truly prolific turnover releasing music every week as an artist label with over 900 minutes of music created in the last year 20-21, ready to go.

Based out of south London Anti is a voice for the forgotten working class, the sound of council flats and pissy stairwells. Bringing the ragga man energy back to the forefront.

For too long my people have been pushed to the side, our style, fashion, slang and music has been infiltrated & appropriated whilst we receive nothing but slander. Anti Traxx is here to start taking back what is ours.

Don't confuse class and race! we all come from the bottom