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Fourth Wednesday of every month 5-7pm

LUMA is an Iraqi-British DJ and radio host from SE London, having grown up only a few minutes away from AAJA. She has been at the radio station from the beginning and is committed to highlighting under-represented producers and DJs through her radio shows.

LUMA has been steadily building a unique sonic identity through her eclectic sets, which primarily aim to showcase femxle artists and sounds from the Arab world. She is the founder of Habibti Nation, a collective and radio show based on Balamii highlighting femxle and non-binary artists from South West Asia and North Africa.

LUMA also is co-founder of Don’t Hide, a party and radio show on Netil Radio, centered on community, inclusivity and fun.

Expect fun percussive focused club sounds and new music from around the world in LUMA’s monthly residency.