CH 1

The Sound of Winyl [London] - 11:00 - 13:00

CH 2

Sketch w/ Barren Sector [London] - 11:00 - 13:00


Rhi Spect

First Saturday of every month 7pm-9pm

Rhi Spect is a garage and drum n bass DJ from East London who started mixing ten years ago after her brother bought her a set of Technics. She has a love for old skool garage, new garage, bass, jungle, drum & bass and hardcore all of which influence her sets no matter what genre she is playing. An original old skool party head Rhi Spect knows how to please the crowd and what tunes work on the dancefloor. She has been playing out regularly for quite a few years and for different events but is mainly known for her sets at Garage Splash and being one of the first female garage DJs in the scene to have a residency at Fire Nightclub in London – where she mixed up garage and bass to packed out parties every month.

Other events she has played at include 24hr Garage Girls, Distant Planet, Moondance, AKA/Launch, Drum&Basics, Unity in the Sun, Das Booty, Moneyshot, Galang Promotions, Enter Selecta and FizzyPop where she warmed up the decks for the legendary Wookie! To date, her most memorable gig was at Glastonbury where she got to play a closing 1.5 hour set at Block9 starting with garage and ending in drum & bass & jungle – much to her and the ravers’ delight!