CH 1

The Sound of Winyl [London] - 11:00 - 13:00

CH 2

Sketch w/ Barren Sector [London] - 11:00 - 13:00


Voice MC

First Thursday of every month 7pm-9pm

VoicemC has been into Jungle Drum and Bass since 1993 and has been a diehard Junglist ever since. He started to write lyrics in 1996 under the name of MC Flexa, and then in 1998 linked up with long time DJ partner, Prospect. They worked hard to hone their skills with mix tapes and parties over the next couple of years and in 2000, got there own show on Origin 95.2FM. They played various slots until 2002 when they got 4-6pm Saturdays which ran until 2017. Throughout that time, as MC Flexa, he played many raves in London, the UK and abroad with many top DJs and MCs. After a short break toward the end of the noughties, he came back to the mic but with a new vision. The old name Flexa no longer suited his intent, so he decided to change to Voice in 2010. “Voice isn’t a name, if you can relate to what I say, then its your voice too. My previous name pigeon holed me, Voice can be applied everywhere so allows greater scope as a artist/person to express myself” Since the name change, he has many residencies at underground events, can be found guesting on many radio stations, he regularly works with major DJs and MCs within drum and bass and has become recognised within the music. He co founded From the Vaults (a Jungle Drum and Bass party held bi monthly at AAJA Deptford) in 2018. He started self releasing his own music and videos in 2019 and at the start of 2020 he set up his own label; Voice of Venakula Recordings which focuses on vocal drum and bass. His plans are to continue to perform and release music, collaborating with artists in Drum and Bass and other genres of music. For anyone on Clubhouse, he hosts a club called Lyric of the Week every Tuesday from 8pm in which lyricists and lovers of lyrics bring their freshest lyrics and delve deep into lyricism.