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First Wednesday of every month 1-2pm

Wordcolour is South-East London based producer and DJ Nicholas Worrall. His debut EP ‘Tell Me Something’ was released by Barcelona-based Lapsus Records in July 2020, which FACT magazine described as “one of the year’s strongest debuts'' as well as describing Wordcolour as “one of the UK’s brightest new club producers”. This was quickly followed up with another EP ‘Juno Way' for Houndstooth. The Guardian included Wordcolour in their feature ‘Best new artists for 2021’ in January 2021.

As a DJ, he has recorded a number of radio sets and mixes for Rinse FM, Rinse France, Noods Radio, Bleep and FACT. He has also created more ambient/experimental mixes for Worldwide FM and Self-Titled, as well as for the Blowing Up The Workshop series which Pitchfork included in their ‘20 Best DJ Mixes of 2019’.